DimasTech® Yellow Uv React Green X-Fluid

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DimasTech® Yellow Uv React Green X-FluidDimasTech® Yellow Uv React Green X-Fluid
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DimasTech® X-Fluid is a brand new product developed in collaboration with the market leader in Fluid for liquid cooling field, the experience gained with our Ultra Pure Water has allowed us to develop new products with attractive colours and visual and protective performance not to be compared to other products currently on the market.

DimasTech® X-Fluid uses a blend of natural additives, fully biodegradable and particularly recommended for user who want to protect the environment.
DimasTech® X-Fluid protects your liquid cooling system from corrosion, algae and biological life, prolonging the useful life of the components and ensuring reduced maintenance cycle.

Fluid Color:

  • Yellow Uv React Green


  • Total protection against different metals in same cooling system, like aluminium, brass, copper, steel and nickel.
  • Low Oral Toxicity
  • Freezing point at -15°C ( need to check always mix ratio)
  • 85% biodegradable
  • Can be mixed with other DimasTech® X-Fluid product to create your own custom color
  • Additive developed in UK (Licensed by Mayhems) and bottled in ITALY by DimasTech Systems SNC.

DimasTech® X-Fluid can be stored for up to 3 years in a cool and dry environment,
Keep the product away from children

Attention: do not ingest, keep away from eyes, not disperse the bottle after the use.

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