Dimastech® XMV-Cool BackPlate for SQRL BCU1525

Code: XMV012
Dimastech® XMV-Cool BackPlate for SQRL BCU1525
Price 69.99 $ 89.99 $ Available on request



The Dimastech® XMV-Cool BackPlate for SQRL BCU1525 had ben developed to address all the overheat problems of the SQRL BCU1525, in particular this product help to dissipate more heat from the PCB components on the back of the boards.

the BackPlate is compatible with our product range, waterblock for BCU1525, SKU XMV009 and with the immersion cooling block for BC1525, SKU XMV008.

the BackPlate is not compatible with third party cooling or Original Board cooling, however it should work with modification, we strongly recommend to take care of this compatibility issue before purchase.

The backplate is included in the kit and it's made of Aluminum assuring a perfect match and contact of all the SQRL BCU1525 board surfaces.



  • Backplate 233mm x 98mm x 5mm


  • Backplate Aluminum

Technical Specifications:

  • CNC Cutting/Milling
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • FPGA Board Compatibility

Tools and Hardware Needed:

  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Thermal grease for FPGA Chip, all other surfaces use pre-installed thermal pads

Compatible Xilinx FPGA Boards:

  • Part Number: SQRL BCU1525
  • Part Number: A-U250-P64G-PQ-G and A-U250-A64G-PQ-G  Xilinx Alveo U250 Data Center Accelerator Card (TO BE TESTED)
  • Part Number: A-U200-P64G-PQ-G and A-U200-A64G-PQ-G  Xilinx Alveo U200 Data Center Accelerator Card (TO BE TESTED)



ATTENTION: Description of product on Update/compatibility list on Update

ATTENTION2: The backplate is compatible only with our product DimasTech SQRL BCU1525 waterblock, SKU XMV009, however installation on third party or original front board cooling is possible with modifications, modification on the backplate will void any warranty on the item.

Please Note: Installing this BackPlate will void the factory warranty.