Dimastech® Thermal Grease HTX-PE- 100g

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Dimastech® Thermal Grease HTX-PE- 100gDimastech® Thermal Grease HTX-PE- 100g
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Dimastech® Thermal Grease HTX-PE - 100g  is a siliconic thermal grease suitable for any use, it is suitable aslo for extreme cooling, such as phase change, cascade systems,  LN2 cooling.

The paste comes in a 100g plastic can in order to use the product as many time as needed and keep it fresh in a sealed can avoiding drying.


  • Thermal Conductivity of 0.55 W/MK^2  (comparable to Dow Corning 340: 0.55 W/m^2)
  • Color: White
  • Thermal Impedance °C/in^2/W <0.0067
  • specific gravity  2.5 (ASTM D1475)
  • evaporation  0.001% at 150°C/24hrs
  • Dielectric Constant 100hz /2.8 (ASTM D150)
  • Thixotropic Index 1/10mm  at 25°C 380,+-10 (GB/T-269 Test)

Content of the Package:

  • Dimastech® Thermal Grease HTX-PE - 100g Can