DimasTech PCI-Express Riser Model 008C - 6 pin connector

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DimasTech PCI-Express Riser Model 008C - 6 pin connector
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Brand new PCI-Express Riser connector with 2 feet usb cable and PCI-Express 1X connector, this Riser connector had been selected throug a wide range of suppliers by durability and quality, we had been testing this components quality for over 1 year, the stability of the PCI Riser is guaranteed by 4 solid state capacitors, USB cable is soft and stable, the standard connector is 6 pin PCI but we included also a 6 PIN to sata adapter.

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  • The board size: 12.7cmx4.2cm
  • Power Connector: 6 pin power cable ( sata adapter included)
  • USB Cable Length : 60cm
  • Compatible With any graphic card

Included in the Package:
  • 1 x DimasTech PCI-Express Riser Model 008C(Gpu or Pci-express card side)
  • 1 x PCI-Express 1X  connector (motherboard side)
  • USB Cable 60cm
  • 6PIN pci connector to Sata adapter

  • This extension cable is for the motherboard PCI-E slot (1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X). Please do not use for normal PCI or AGP connectors
  • connect the Riser only when PC and power supply disconnected from wall plug
  • respect the direction of connection, do not forse the PCI 1X connector into the slot if not fitting correctly
  • DimasTech USA take no responsability for accidental or any kind of damage coused by the DimasTech PCI-Express Riser Model 008C - 6 pin connector