DimasTech® Bench/Test Table Hard V2.5 Milk White

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DimasTech® Bench/Test Table Hard V2.5 Milk WhiteDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Hard V2.5 Milk WhiteDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Hard V2.5 Milk WhiteDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Hard V2.5 Milk WhiteDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Hard V2.5 Milk White
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Finally after a long absence from the market of our products by Bench Table by which we pioneered in 2007, returns to the square from the Bench/Test Table Hard in version V2.5.

This new product is born again after having collected a lot of feedback from the customers most experienced by the user and even "novice" who always helps us to improve our products. Below you will find the salient features of the new Bench/Test Table V2.5 Hard.

This product unlike the Easy version, has the strengths of the full functionality and ease of use, dedicated to the clocker who wants to have a location from Bench/Test easy to manage, with all the hardware in sight.

The "Bench/Test Table Hard V2.5" can be used both as a station for testing, both as a normal holiday, but also for expositions in which you want to show the viewer what components are being used and present the hardware more attractive than usual brothels.

The Bench/Test Table Hard V2.5 has also included a special support for the attachment of Pot (see category: Extreme Cooling Section Pot), with a bow and threaded rod, this system allows you to set a Pot or any sink without the use of clips or brackets, in any position on the motherboard.

To meet the need of rapid disassembly of the components from the Bench/Test Table Hard V2.5 has available new Thumbscrew, to fix any part of the feast itself or hardware. The "Bench/Test Table Hard V2.5" has the peculiarity of being mounted on the version Easy, just resting it and securing it with 4 pads, so you have a location from the Far Bench proper (Model Easy/Hard V2.5 can always find him in this section of the shop: Bench/Test Table EasyHard V2.5).

Colour Bench/Test Table:

  •  Milk White

Colour Supports:

  • Graphite Black 


  • Bench made from sheet metal 1,5 mm,
  • CNC laser cutting,
  • Powder or Enamel, basic phosphatic
  • Totally "Made in Italy"
  • Compatible with ATX and Full ATX motherboard and Micro ATX, XL-ATX, Mini ATX, MiniITX
  • Support for sockets with fan ventilation area 120x120,
  • Support for ventilation area opposite the video card fan 120x120,
  • New cracks on the front motherboard to allow the passage of cables and pipes for watercooling,
  • ABS plastic handles,
  • Arch made with pickled sheet thickness 6mm,
  • M6 threaded rod for locking Pot or sinks of various kinds,
  • Special bolts that can slide on the track of the arc, and capable of blocking both the threaded rod bolt that the same arc, with a simple nut butterfly
  • Scroll arc along the surface of the motherboard, for full compatibility with all motherboards in circulation and future
  • Ability to use Pot up to 30 cm high
  • Compatibility with the new Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5,
  • Possibility of mounting "On Top" of the new Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 without hindering the pipes of the cooling liquid
  • Supported VGA cards and included additional
  • Tool Free
  • Nick Name of the personalization possibilities Clocker (specify in order notes-Additional cost € 10.00)

Contents of Package:

  • DimasTech Bench/Test Table Hard V2.5,
  • N°1 Complete set of screws for hardware,
  • Arch
  • Auction with knurled knob
  • 12 spacers for the motherboard,
  • Two stickers DimasTech

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