DimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 Milk White

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DimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 Milk WhiteDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 Milk WhiteDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 Milk WhiteDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 Milk WhiteDimasTech® Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 Milk White
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Finally after a long absence from the market of our products by Bench Table by which we pioneered in 2007, returns to the square from the Bench/Test Table Easy version V2.5.

This new product is born again after having collected a lot of feedback from the customers most experienced by the user and even "novice" who always helps us to improve our products. Below you will find the salient features of the new Bench Table Easy V2.5.

This particular case and dedicated mainly to the user who is not content than normal houses, but he wants something more, that functionality that all users are addicted to the "frequent changes of components needs". In this new version V2.5, far more rich media and accessories, will not miss the usual customizations as DimasTech tradition.

The "Bench/Test Table V2.5 Easy" can be used both as a station to test, whether as a regular holiday for everyday use, or for those expositions in which you want to show the viewer what components are being used and present the hardware more attractive.

The Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 offers more support and compatibility with products certified for liquid cooling, and all the hardware in circulation. Compared to the previous version are available a PSU support, and support for pump + tank (optional) native to the integration of liquid cooling.

This new version offers the customer particular predisposition for all types of radiators on the market: 

  • HwLab,
  • Thermochill,
  • TFC
  • Etc ...

To meet the need of rapid disassembly of the components from the Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5 has available new ThumbScrew, to fix any part of the banquet itself or hardware or support for expansion cards.

Section Bench/Test Table, category Accessories, you will find the complete list of accessories available in the catalogue.

The particularity of this project allowed us also to be able to integrate the "Bench/Test Table Hard V2.5" on this model, only by mounting it on top with the special assembly "On Top", in order to have a location from Bench Far proper (Model Easy/Hard V2.5 can always find him in this section of the shop: Bench/Test Table EasyHard V2.5).


  • 455mm depth x 440mm width x 210mm height (height considering the pins and do not consider the spacers supporting motherboard, 25mm)

Colour Bench/Test Table:

  • White Milk

Colour Supports:

  • Graphite Black


  • Bench made from sheet metal 1,5 mm,
  • CNC laser cutting,
  • Powder or Enamel, basic phosphatic
  •  Totally "Made in Italy"
  • Marked "Made in Italy" on the back of the Bench/Test Table
  • Compatible with ATX and Full ATX motherboard and Micro ATX, XL-ATX, Mini ATX 
  • Installation of up to 3 devices 5.25 inches
  • Installation of up to 3 hard drives (3.5 inch) 4 or more floppy disks with no floppy drive, 
  • Support for sockets with fan ventilation area 120x120,
  • Support for ventilation area opposite 120x120 video card fan
  • Latest keys wired for power and reset switches, (n ° 2)
  • Holes on the front and back of the motherboard to allow the passage of cables and pipes for watercooling downstairs
  • PSU supports positioned on the front or back of the Bench/Test Table
  • Compatibility with power supplies up to 22cm in length,
  • Lateral support for the installation of all types of radiators on the market (HwLab, Thermochill, TFC, Etc)
  • Rear space for installation of a compact liquid cooling system,
  • Thumb Screws step M3 and 6-32 (American pitch UNC)
  • Support for 120x120 mm fan for cooling systems in SLI/Crossfire
  • Rubber feet
  • Ram fan support 120x120 mm
  • Lower drawer with sliding tracks and fixation with screws knurled side
  • Placement supported devices on slots
  • Personalization side of the body with the basic version of the Bench/Test Table
  • Adjustable positioning device support
  • Supports for adjustable radiator over the back of the Bench/Test Table
  • Screws also knurled nuts
  • Total elimination of the use of instrumentation outside the Bench/Test Table
  • Fully compatible for mounting versions of media and Bench/Test Table Hard V1.0 and V2.0
  • Full compatibility with the new Bench/Test Table Hard V2.5
  • Prepared for 4 passes for watercooling pipes or fittings on the back of the motherboard
  • Possibility assembly front USB port (DimasTech USB Cable is available as an accessory - see section Accessories)

Contents of Package:

  • DimasTech Bench/Test Table Easy V2.5,
  • Support for hard disks and optical drives,
  • Support ballast
  • Support expansion cards,
  • Fan support 120x120mm,
  • Ram fan support 120x120mm,
  • Support for 120x120 mm fan for cooling systems in SLI/Crossfire
  • A complete kit of screws and fasteners for the thumb screws to support expansion cards,
  • 10 spacers for the motherboard,
  • 1 sticker DimasTech
  • Istallation Manual

Time to fulfill your order:

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