DimasTech AMC – Motherboard Tray MITX – 2 slots – PCI Back Panel – NO PAINT

Code: S0026RW
DimasTech AMC – Motherboard Tray MITX – 2 slots – PCI Back Panel – NO PAINT
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The DimasTech AMC Tray range comes from our R&D time spent on the project AMC (Advanced Modular Case), even if the Project AMC is still on development we wanted to take to market this Motherboard Trays range which actually cover most of the Motherboards standard on the market.

the products range itself is compatible with our incoming cases AMC or it could be just used as an add-on or to be integrated inside an existing case modification or build from scratch, we offer the trays in 2 versions, the first versions is the most modding friendly with a Satin Raw Aluminum finish,  while the second version comes with a Powder coated matt black finish, ready to be used without any need of further finishing (paint or anodizing).

The DimasTech AMC Tray series is available in ready assemblable KIT or spare parts, the spare parts comes with NO SCREWS or SPACERS, while the KITS comes with all possible screws to use the Motherboard Tray after mounting, it takes just 1 minute to assemble a DimasTech AMC motherboard tray kit, with only 6 screws, the spacers included in the KIT are not standard 6,5 x M3 spacers, but we opted for 15mm spacers, in order to improve airflow under the mainboard and easy of istallation for "unconventional" cpu and GPU cooling systems.


  • 237mm Depth x 210mm Width x 10mm Height


  • Aluminum / Satin

Technical Specifications:

  • Made from Aluminum 1,00 mm Thickness
  • CNC Laser Cutting
  • Powder Coat Painting, Phospatation as anti-rust prevention ( only GB codes)
  • Manufactured in Italy, Assembled in USA
  • Motherboards Compatibility:  MiniITX
  • Wide Area under the Socket for Heat-Sink removal

Package Included:

  • 1 x S0026RW DimasTech AMC – Motherboard Tray MITX – 2 slots – PCI Back Panel – NO PAINT

Tools and Hardware Needed:

  • POP Rivets (3,00 or 3,20mm diameter, 6 or 8 mm depth)
  • Rivet Gun / Rivet Machine