DUPLICATO - DimasTech® Thermal Grease (100 gr)

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DUPLICATO - DimasTech® Thermal Grease (100 gr)DUPLICATO - DimasTech® Thermal Grease (100 gr)
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DimasTech Thermal Grease is a siliconic grease suitable for use with extreme cooling, such as phase change, cascade systems, Pot with dry ice or nitrogen.

The particularity of DimasTech Thermal Grease is the liquidity at low temperatures, unlike other major brands, which have ceramic or silver-based pastes.

The paste comes in a 100 g plastic container.


  • Are equal to the conductive blazoned Dow Corning 340: 0.55 W/mK

Kit Contents: 

  • Container of 100 grams of Thermal grease DimasTech

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