Dimastech X-Hash - Mining Case

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Dimastech X-Hash - Mining CaseDimastech X-Hash - Mining CaseDimastech X-Hash - Mining CaseDimastech X-Hash - Mining Case
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DimasTech®, a Global Leader in the production of Bench/Test Tables, is pleased to announce the latest Mining Rig Range of products, the X-Hash mining case.

the DimasTech Mining Cases are a full range of products that interact between them all, the product it's stackable with other DimasTech Mining Cases, up to 4 stake of DimasTech X-Hash is possible to create and thank to the special feet, there's no way that the upper rigs may fall.

the DimasTech X-Hash is compatible also with the Standalone Mining Case expansions in the 7gpu and 8gpu model, with that addictional accessory it's possible to take one X-Hash (7gpu) up to 14 or 15gpu more, using Expansion module for 7 gpu or 8 gpu.

the Fans are not included, however we strongly suggest to use them to remove heat from the cards over than pushing on them, our tests had been proven that Heat removal flow direction is helping reducing the temperature around the Graphics Cards.

the DimasTech X-Hash is coming with a full set of philips screws to help assembling the product with easy, in the standard configuration the risers are not fixed to the GPU panel, however there are holes which could be used for GPU Risers fixing.


  • 375 mm Depth x 875 mm Width x 330 mm Height (Height is measured by considering the Rubber Feet height included)

Case Color:

  • Graphite Black (Matt Black)

Production Specifications:

  • CNC Laser Cutting of sheet thickness 1.5 mm
  • Internal refinish and riveting
  • Powder Coating
  • Finish and Quality Control Standard in accordance with strict internal regulations

Technical Specifications:

  • Motherboard Compatibility ATX, Full ATX, NanoATX, MicroATX, Mini ATX, MiniITX
  • Installation of up to 1 Hard Drive 3.5"
  • Installation of up to 2 SSDs drive 2.5"
  • DimasTech® Buttons for Reset and Power Switch with LEDs Ring Compatibilty in front and rear panel
  • 10 GPU Compatiblity ( DUAL SLOT)
  • Compatibility with 3 x Power Supplies up to 22cm in length, left or right PSU fan direction compatible
  • Rubber Feet x 8 pcs
  • Compatibility with up to 10 fans 120x120 mm
  • Full Compatibility with the modular system of the DimasTech Mining Case Range

Included in the Package:

  • DimasTech® X-Hash Mining Case
  • Screws and Bits for first Installation
  • Parts List paper
  • Installation Manual DimasTech ® (all in accordance with the Environment - NO PRINTING )


  • In Section DimasTech Mining Cases Accessories, you will find the complete list of accessories available

Time to Fulfill your Order:

  • 5 Business Days if Available